1. "One problem was me, obviously. I feel like I didn’t have any awareness of what I was doing at that point in my life. I didn’t set out to draw some big cheesecake book, I wasn’t sitting there drawing it going, “These characters are so hot!”, it just came out in this particularly sexed-up way. Even though the result is the same, not intending that is worse than purposely intending [the work] to be that way because at least if you intended it then you’re thinking about your audience and you’re aware of the merits and flaws of what you’re doing and the potential problems with it. I just didn’t see it that way until I finished the book and could look at it more objectively and see what it was. Toward the end of drawing it I actually had a big freak-out about the sexiness in the book and didn’t want to finish it so nobody would ever see it, but that didn’t work out, of course, heh."
    — Ross Campbell on Water Baby