1. bigredrobot:

    This pic is bananas.

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    NONE MORE GOTH, etc.

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    This is a page from a comic in my sketchbook that I want to publish in “Slow Graffiti.”

  5. dharbin:


    This guy fucking loves trains. At least watch the first 60 seconds, I could barely breathe. 

    oh my god

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  7. bouletcorp:

    Une petite Batgirl rapide, parce que j’aime son nouveau design!
    A quick little Batgirl, just because I love her new design!

  9. beingstowarddeath:

    Making of After Hours

    There’s a great bit (well, several actually) at about 15 mins in where Dunne talks about an alternate ending for the film that would have been so bizarre but awesome to see.

  10. milonogiannis:

    See you later space prophet

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  14. Kyle MacLachlan on the set of Blue Velvet

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