1. comicartistevolution:

    John Romita Jr. 2004: Wolverine #20 / Inker: Klaus Janson

    Romita and Janson “return” to Marvel for Mark Millar’s celebrated Enemy of the State / Agent of SHIELD arcs. This dramatic frame epitomizes the dreadful prospect of an evil Logan.

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  2. juryrig:

    i’m not going to say that dc comics is good or just or that as an institutional project it was even worth it but this image is one of the beautiful things that can come out of mainstream comics: this ape with a bandolier and a beret very much wants to love and fuck this brain in a jar. that’s canon. god bless america

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  3. comicartistevolution:

    John Romita Jr. 2000: Peter Parker, Spider-Man #17 / Inker: Scott Hanna

    JRJR takes advantage of the fog and silhouettes to make Venom’s emergence especially menacing.

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  4. love-and-radiation:

    Rafael Grampa / the Fabulous Killjoys

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  5. comicartistevolution:

    John Romita Jr. 1993: Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #3 / Inker: Al Williamson

    I love how JRJR takes Fisk out of his white dinner jacket and purple striped pants and put him in something with a little more verisimilitude.

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  6. "He’s come in to meet on a lot of our movies over the years, in particular Guardians. He had a lot of awesome things to say on Guardians. But James [Gunn] had a slightly more solid take that was of interest to us."
    — I shit you not, this is Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige seeking to reassure people that replacement Ant-Man director Peyton Reed will do a great job. Because nothing reassures people more than saying “Okay, so he was our third choice replacement for the director who walked off the project, but he was also our second choice director for the movie that’s just about to come out, so, guys? Come on, right, guys?” (via graemem)
  7. comicartistevolution:

    John Romita Jr. 1990: Daredevil #276 / Inker: Al Williamson

    In which Daredevil, armed with a 2 × 4, defeats Ultron, apparently singing everybody’s least favorite Beatles song.

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  8. ca-tsuka:

    Infinite battle by Stephen Vyas.

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  9. comicartistevolution:

    John Romita Jr. 2006: Eternals #1 / Inker: Danny Miki

    Romita’s use of scale and contrast serves him well throughout this issue which involves a lot of really ginormous Celestials interacting with Earth.

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  10. hannibalhannibal:

    I talked with Letterman about Pelicans and kickboxing like we usually do. 

  11. comicallyvintage:

    Things Like That.

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  12. theendofaspark:

    this is never going to not be funny 

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  13. blackyjunkgallery:

    character research

  14. bigredrobot:

    Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry Gengurch-Gergich

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  15. dontstopbereaving:

    There’s a very memorable hamburger in Seconds that is illustrated so lovingly, that you know something has to go wrong. You can’t love a food object that much without something going terribly wrong.

    Yeah, exactly. When I read Seconds back after I got it printed, I was like, “Oh, this is another adult problem.” Like, being unable to enjoy food because you feel bad after eating it. Before and after, you feel bad. It’s like: guilt and then intestinal distress.

    Hi, I did a very long interview with Bryan Lee O’Malley. It was VERY COOL and FUN and I hope you read it!!

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