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    This is a Fox 13 Tampa Bay blog now.  My heart belongs to Fox 13 Tampa Bay.  I have a lady in my life and her name is Fox 13 Tampa Bay.  I have a love in my life that makes me stronger than anything you can imagine, unless you live in Tampa Bay.

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    Oh, man, I LOVE these. 


    ball point pen on 8 1/2 x 11 bond paper

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    FIRST LOOK: ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ Poster Is Epic.

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  5. "I had an interpreter, and when [Vladimir Putin] was showing me his office I said, ‘It’s amazing what capitalism will do, won’t it? A magnificent office!’ And he laughed. As I turned, I was this close to him. I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul.’ ” And he looked back at me, and he smiled, and he said, ‘We understand one another.’"
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  7. thoughts on summer…



    "When I was little, we found a man. He looked like - like, butchered. The old woman in the village crossed themselves… and whispered crazy things, strange things. "El Diablo cazador de hombres." Only in the hottest years this happens. And this year, it grows hot. We begin finding our men. We found them sometimes without their skins… and sometimes much, much worse. "El cazador trofeo de los hombres" means the demon who makes trophies of men."


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    This is why everyone who ever existed should respect Richard Linklater for eternity

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    Peter Sellers & Marianne Stone, "Lolita" (Stanley Kubrick, 1962).

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    when ur family come over for dinner and ask what youve been up to

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    'I came onto it via phone call. “Hey we’ve got this movie, it’s called THE THING. Remember the movie from the 50’s?” “Yeah” I said, “I remember that.” “Well, that’s what it is. It’s just a remake. We need a comp now and a finished painting by morning if we like it,” so I did… I did one drawing. I faxed it to them in the old days and they said “Fine” and I stayed up my 24 hours and painted the picture. In the morning a delivery boy came, picked it up and that’s the last I saw of it.' - Drew Struzan

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    Bill Sienkiewicz 1990: Friendly Dictators trading cards

    Sienkiewicz’s work on Brought to Light clearly made him a prime candidate to illustrate the Friendly Dictators trading cards. Like Brought to Light, it was published by Eclipse Enterprises and sought to use pop culture media to call attention to the American government’s and/or business’s cozy relationships with brutal regimes. The “cancelled” stamp element (also used in Brought to Light) refers to autocrats who eventually fell out of favor.

    Seeing all these cards side-by-side, you can get a sense of the kind of artistic diversity-within-consistency Sienkiewicz is capable of.

    These cards are out of print, but if you want to read the about America’s relationship with each of these dictators (maybe like me, you’re thinking Hitler? Really?), a bunch of websites like this one have transcribed these cards and recounts the details of each relationship.

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    No one is safe.  

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    The world needs more English Bulldog cuteness.

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